We use the highest quality cardboard and various thicknesses depending on which age group the product is directed to. We offer tools at very good prices and that’s why we are able to produce a product in any size with any number of pieces.

Our Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Heritage

We think there are few things that would make a better gift (or treat for yourself) than a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Explore endless possibilities with our fantastic range of personalized puzzles; the perfect way to challenge your mind, or celebrate a special place or moment. We have been hand-crafting personalized jigsaw puzzles.

We offer:
Baby Puzzle made of thicker cardboard 3 mm or 4 mm
Puzzles for children low-pieces
Puzzles for Adults 200pcs,500pcs,1000pcs,1500pcs,2000pcs
Frame puzzles Best
Puzzle on the pad advertising
Memory games pieces left in the form or punched out by us and inserted into the box / inserted in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines

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