Our Quality Promise to YOU jigsaw puzzles and custom photo gifts are a special way of sharing memories with your loved ones. We prioritize and guarantee premium quality and fast shipping with every single order.   Printed in the China. We assemble your puzzles & gift boxes . Our experienced team ensures the highest quality before we carefully package and ship your package out via UPS. When the pieces fit perfectly, jigsaw puzzles are more fun. With that in mind, we take great care to precisely cut our unique puzzle pieces. Sturdy, 2.2mm (.09 inch) thick cardboard makes our jigsaw puzzles a first-rate, durable gift. This is roughly the width of three standard credit cards, which is a premium, ideal level of thickness for a jigsaw puzzle. High-quality printing with a matte finish & vibrant colors ensures that your puzzle will be long-lasting and treasured for years. We offer a 15-year replacement guarantee for all our puzzles.

Our Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Heritage

We think there are few things that would make a better gift (or treat for yourself) than a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Explore endless possibilities with our fantastic range of personalized puzzles; the perfect way to challenge your mind, or celebrate a special place or moment. We have been hand-crafting personalized jigsaw puzzles.

We offer:
Baby Puzzle made of thicker cardboard 3 mm or 4 mm
Puzzles for children low-pieces
Puzzles for Adults 200pcs,500pcs,1000pcs,1500pcs,2000pcs
Frame puzzles Best
Puzzle on the pad advertising
Memory games pieces left in the form or punched out by us and inserted into the box / inserted in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines

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